“The Age of the Microwave” By @Mike_2pt0

“The Age of the Microwave” By: @Mike_2pt0

Look at your desktop… how many windows are active on your screen right now? How many tabs are open on your web browser? Is your phoneby your computer? Better yet, how many texts did you send today? …Tweets? Now compare that to how many minutes you’ve spent on the phone today (actually on the phone, not via voxer or whatever other social app we use to be anti-social). If you’re anything like me the # of texts you send versus anytime minutes used is a ‘No Contest.’…  We hear it everyday — from those who still refer to marijuana as ‘pot’, a.k.a our parents, or maybe those are just my parents??– that “Ohh your generation is so consumed with technology,” “Everything moves too fast.” While times change and I’m hip to this, for the most part I agree with them, however as with anything, there are pros and cons to every situation.

We’re all virtually accessible at all times of day, it seems like we’re getting things done @ lightning speed. Technology makes it possible to check the weather, news, & markets on the go & even keep constant contact with all of our “friends”. In actuality we interact with each other all day without really saying a damn thing. Instant communication is dope at first thought, but as the saying goes “anything worth having is worth waiting for.” At what point do we begin compromising quality for quantity– or for quickness should I say?

Let’s use a food metaphor for kicks… It’s common knowledge that homemade mac & cheese (yeah… mac & cheese, if you don’t love baked mac & cheese I’m O.J Simpson percent sure you’re a terrorist and I don’t want you on my blog anyway) is better baked and that instant s#*@ is for the birds. While microwavable easy mac will keep you from starving and can be cheffed up in a minute, it’s surely not the quality option when it comes to taste. Dishes with slow cooked, homegrown ingredients, are always the best.  To take it one step further, leftovers are even better(#DontDebateMeBro).

Now think about your ideas and relationships. Not saying you should literally be out here eating someone’s leftovers o_O, but when exploring your thoughts  or making new connections with people… let them marinate for a minute, cook them slowly, maybe even keep the recipe aSECRET (secret? yeah.. wow, imagine that what a concept) –

Take your time with certain things… it’ll prove to be worth it. Stop microwaving your thoughts…

–       Culture. Lifestyle. Progress

–       #TheCultureLP @Mike_2pt0

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