Justice for Trayvon

Since when is a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona iced tea considered a weapon? Apparently, it always is in the town of Sanford, FL. We've all heard about this story by now, some of us later than others. Interesting that it's just NOW generating outrage, when in fact, the actual crime occurred... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself, and I (co-authored by Anwar W.)

After a great discussion the other day about the demise of the beloved R&B group, Anwar (@A_Double_U) came up with the first in our series on R&B groups. Please comment, and enjoy!  For people who long for the days when lyrics mattered, Pandora and Spotify are godsend. The other day, I was truly jamming to... Continue Reading →

The Creative Corner

A lot of my colleagues will submit creative works to me, such as photographs, poetry, music, etc., that they're proud of and want to share with the world. I'm all for the support of fellow creative peeps, so I decided to create a tumblr page to share some of that work with you, as well... Continue Reading →

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