Summer, Summer, Summertime…Oooh, Summertime

Ah, Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer...and the official start of flossing season. It is now that time when people bring out their leased and over-paid for "summer" vehicles (usually from the garage of their parents' home), go on a wild summer clothing shopping spree, and begin to brag about all of the places... Continue Reading →

I Ain’t One of the Cosbys, I Ain’t Go to Hillman

Thursday, April 30th, 1992. A sad, sad day...well, at least for me. From the moment I began watching television, Thursday nights at 8pm were reserved for one thing, and one thing only: a new episode of The Cosby Show. The show, I believe, played an integral part in raising me: it showed me that there... Continue Reading →

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