The In-Betweens

In a previous post, I touted how proud I am of the people my city produces, and that definitely still holds true. However, the other day, a friend and I had a discussion about what our city lacks, which, unfortunately, seems to be a place where people like she and I fit in. Where do we go to have fun, to network, to just meet cool people? Where are all of the cultural events, the musicians, the artists, the motivated, ambitious young people? It seems too often that Friday night comes, and people are doing the same thing: either falling into the same old places that we’re accustomed to, or leaving the area to go to a real city that promises a good time.

In my area, there are two main outlets that provide our weekend entertainment: there is the college strip downtown, where every under age teenager goes to mingle with what they presume to be adults, and the dingy clubs where every one else goes to mean mug and hug the wall. These throw you into one of two categories: aging college student who can’t let go of the frat party, or the aging, well, old person who can’t let go of their thigh-high hoochie boots. If you want to be “classy”, your only other choices are over-priced lounges that play top-40 and house music as you watch people do lines of coke, or the local folk in the “Center” who think dressing up means a North Face jacket and Ugg boots. But what about the rest of us, you know, the in-betweens?

Uggs and Northface

Uggs and a North Face...chic couture

Now, let me digress for a moment. When you’re from my city and the surrounding towns, unless you actually leave the city for college or the like, there is really no desire or drive to seek out something new. You have no problem getting dressed and resorting to one of the standbys discussed above, because frankly, that’s all you know. I admit, I kind of fell into that same trap. I mean, I love my little New England state: we have breweries and decent bars where we can listen to cover bands whose members are 40+, rocking out to fairly decent renditions of “Living on the Edge”. If I want to hear my beloved hip-hop music, I could go to the seedy club downtown, where I was almost always guaranteed extra entertainment by the oft-occuring street fight after the club scene let out (which usually was brought on by a bump or accidental shove on the dance-floor). It wasn’t until these past few months, where I spent time in “real” cities hanging out, like Philly, D.C., and NYC, that I realized what I was really missing.

Lines of coke

I went to an art show in Philly where one of my boys was showcasing some of his work, and when I walked in, my first thought was, wow, I’m at home. I’m around MY people. I stayed in the city overnight, and probably had one of the best nights, and then days, I’ve ever had. The next day gave me time to walk around the city, admiring and taking pictures of the wonderful architecture with my magical iPhone. It was this day that sparked a wave of creativity in me, something that wasn’t as prominent as it would have been had I been back home.The same thing happened when I went back and forth to NYC a little later. As soon as I hit the city, I’m instantly transformed. It’s so true that you feel like a completely different person in the city…like any and everything is possible. My whole mind-set transformed; the cities had turned me out. And then…I went back home.

South 9th Philly

South 9th Street, Philly

Being back home was such a let down. I had not just a party bug in me, but a do-something-fun bug in me. I wanted to find experiences like the art show in Philly in the cool lounge, the clubs in NYC that allowed me to stay up until 10am the next morning without tiring, the feeling of being alive. And I found none. What I did start to find though, were people just like me. People who came to my city from all over the country, to work at the insurance companies or be engineers at our big aerospace company. They always say that the city is ok enough, but never a place they would ever settle down. We’ve had to create our own fun, have our own parties, and as a result, continuously see the same people. And if we want a change, we have to leave to experience a good time. It’s easy for someone not from around here to see all of its faults, but it’s even worse when I harbor the overwhelming urge to just say “screw it” and take my bougie self elsewhere.

As an in-between, I desire a place to dress up, be classy, mingle in a variety of creative crowds. I want my problem to be that I can’t decide whether or not to catch this poetry reading, or this open mic, or this hot party at a classy lounge. There are parts of me that wish the wool hadn’t been removed from my eyes, because now I know what I’m missing. And now that I’ve realized that I’m an in-between, I’m not sure I can ever go back to enjoying the mediocrity that is so prominent in my current surroundings. I’ll either fall victim to the lure of leaving the place I call home, or accept my fate and re-learn how to live in this city as an in-between.


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Misconceptions in Relationships By @ISwearIAintHit

Keeping up with my once a week “cornucopia” posts, today’s post has been brought to you by @ISwearIAintHit. Follow him on Twitter (he’s hilarious) and his blog, “State of ConPhliction”. (Graphics brought to you by @TheCultureLP -it’ll be a good look if you follow that account too). We’re catering to the young single folk with this one…I promise we’ll target you old couples soon. Enjoy and leave comments!

“Misconceptions in Relationships” By: @ISwearIAintHit

Posted on January 6, 2012

In today’s society we have a bunch of people who want and require relationships but ultimately don’t know what it takes. Whether it be too much or TV or horrible advice from friends but lawd lawd lawd you people are so misguided. In this blog I will tackle problems that plague this *breaks into song* generation of… not being in love *cut music* #TreykeCare. Seriously though we are a lost generation when it comes to such matters because of such misconceptions that I will tackle in this post. So im back with another one!! LET PAPPY COOK


I’ve come to realize that women have a hard time with this. Women get complacent with a man chasing them and think they don’t have to put in ANY work. Sorry to knock you all off of your high horse but it comes a point in time where the chase stops and its your turn. No man wants to chase a woman who isn’t doing her part. Sure a man is supposed to court a woman from the beginning but there’s a stage in the relationship where it becomes a 50/50 thing. The chase is over you have to show EACH OTHER that you’re worth the future headaches. You think a man is supposed to just make YOU happy while u just chill. Not. Women tend to see this as men getting comfortable. Biggest misconception. We want to see what work you’re willing to put in on your end. So if we see you not doing what you’re supposed to do then that’s when we fall back. Food for thought.


Fellas believe or not women are JUST LIKE US. They just hide it better. They want sex just as much as we do. Sex doesn’t necessarily mean you locked her down brother. It means she trusts you enough to share that bond with you. They want to test drive the stick before they buy the car as well. So just because she finally let you in there doesn’t mean you’re good. It means you have to go harder. Sex doesn’t define a relationship, it’s part of it. I was always the type to not have sex with a girl I really really dig in fear I may get complacent but truth be told when a woman is a good woman you have to put 100% forth regardless if you guys have done the do or not. Now if it’s a woman who you just wanted to take down then so be it but if not then my brother they are extra critical of you actions once it goes down. Stay on your toes and make that woman happy regardless.


There’s this issue that always comes up where a woman feels a man does not like her that much because he doesn’t show her love on a social network. Ladies this is COMPLETELY false. Most men not all most don’t like their business out there on front street. Main reason is if you’re a dude who’s popular or not, some dudes just want your woman just because she’s YOUR WOMAN. Which is one of the biggest headaches to deal with. Men also like to keep their relationships very low to avoid the extraness. Extraness as in once you make your relationship extra public .. the public become an extra in your relationship. Once again it’s another headache we DO NOT want. Of course he’s supposed to claim you and make it known he’s in a relationship but having to @ you and put up pictures of you every so often to make you feel “it’s official” is extremely immature and juvenile. You have a bond in real life, you spend time together. Why does it matter if he doesn’t always hit you up on a social network? You have to be secure in your relationship, it’s the only way its going to work.


Man listen… As men we go all out when we find that one at the beginning but once again we tend to stop doing all those cute things that made her fall for us. You know what im talking about: The random I miss you texts, random flowers, going out to eat, movie dates. All of those are things that are supposed to continue into the relationship. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together you have to keep your relationship refreshing and new. Its tough I know I know. I’ve had this problem too but google is your best friend. Most of the time it’s not even the extravagant things she wants. It the small things she likes just to reassure her shes appreciated and thought of. If money is as tight, such as mine, you have to be even more creative especially in the winter because it limits outdoor options. If y’all chill in the crib, switch it up light some candles and just cater to your woman. Trust me fellas itll keep your woman.. YOUR WOMAN. You can take that however you want to take that.


Ladies just like you we want our quality time. There’s a lot of women who just do too much. You think we want to sit around knowing you at a party and some guy is grinding his pelvis on you all crazy every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday….. NO!  Sorry you made the choice to be in a relationship so act like it. Of course its okay to have your girls night out just like we need to take time to just chill with the fellas but DON’T OVER DO IT. If your man is asking you every weekend to come over and you say no you going to some party. Don’t be surprised if the requests become less frequent and someone else is taking advantage of his free time. Keep your man entertained. Parties last but so long, when 4am hits and the party is letting out and your man don’t want no parts what are you going to do? Think about that


As men we tend to feel as if telling a woman how much we like her makes us soft. It’s the feeling of being vulnerable or looking a certain type of way. Fellas truth be told women LOVE that. Women like to hear it just as much as she likes to feel it. You have to assure woman its okay to tell her “Babe I like the dog sh*t out of you”. Lol maybe not like that but you get the point. Another thing we do is tend to act like we don’t care when she does something wrong. Voice how you feel let her know how you feel about things. That’s the only way she can know what type of man she’s dealing with. It’s okay to feel a type of way. We’re human not robots. Holding stuff in only makes you dislike the woman you’re dealing with. So much can get accomplished when you communicate with your lady constantly on feelings. Grow up man. The drake jokes probably scare you but trust a real woman appreciates these types of things. Get your drake on in her inbox if she laughs at you she’s just some immature chick who wants to be treated wrong. Let her go.

These are very very few misconceptions but these are some of the BIGGEST problems in relationships nowadays. Everyone is too cool to be in love. Stop the madness. You will be lonely FOREVER. Forget the masses and the twitter guru beliefs. Live your life for you. Your relationship is yours. Stop going to outside people for advice when you can ask the person you’re dealing with. When it comes to communication whats the need for advice? Everyone is different so if that person doesn’t know who he/she truly is they can’t help you. Good Luck with this cuffing season!!!

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Get Up, A-Get-Get, Get Down. 911 is a Joke in Your Town.

So this past Monday, MLK day, I was in a car accident. Taking a turn down my own street, going about 5mph. It was snowing-an expected snow fall, mind you-and my street was a danger zone. The temperature was below freezing, so that means there was black ice on the road, with snow piling on top of it. As my car failed to turn and I continued to slide, my only thought was, “Thank God I’m not driving fast. Hopefully we won’t get hurt.” I hit the pole, knocked it down, and finally, my wheel turned and I was able to come to a stop. A little shaky, but everyone was okay. One of my neighbors rushed out of their home to help us, while I proceeded to call 911. This is where the fun begins.

knocked down sign

I placed the call, and the line on the other end rang. And rang. And rang. For about twenty rings. Someone answered and screamed into the phone, “What town??!!!” As I attempted to provide the town name, the dispatcher hung up. Still shaky, I tried to call back again. The second dispatcher, a lot calmer than the first, stated, “What town?” I provided the town name, and he put me on hold for a few moments. And then disconnected the call. Again. At this point, obviously a glutton for punishment, but growing increasingly pissed off, I called a third time, and after several (15) rings, I got through to the third dispatcher. I explained to her that this was my third call, and that I had been in an accident. She told me to hold, and I was finally patched through to my town’s police department.

call 911

Okay, this is what frightens me. Not once was I asked what my emergency was, nor if I were safe. I could have been at the scene of a crime, like a homicide or burglary, but throughout all three calls, the tone was apathetic, even annoyed. We pay taxes and trust that these civil servants are there to respond swiftly in an emergency, yet I was treated as if I were a mere annoyance. This behavior caused me to do some quick research, to find out if others have experienced the same treatment. I pulled a few stories, such as this one, or this one, or this one, in which another blogger addresses a similar issue. It was my understanding that if you dial 911, but disconnect, they will automatically call you back or send someone out to your area if they can’t reach you. This doesn’t seem to be the norm any longer.

Flava Flav!

Fla-va Fllaavvvv!

Obviously, my emergency wasn’t life or death, but how many ARE?? Alright, alright, my experience isn’t nearly as bad as what was occurring (and probably still is) in the inner city when the song my post title is referencing came out, but still unacceptable, in my opinion. My first inclination was to make this post a little political, but I decided to diverge from that original plan…you may get that in another post. The most important part about this experience is that we were able to escape this minor accident unscathed. Although my car looks like someone took a huge bite out of it, that pole won’t be harming anyone else anytime soon.

...but...but...I won! I swear!

...but...but...I won! I swear!

“The Age of the Microwave” By @Mike_2pt0

“The Age of the Microwave” By: @Mike_2pt0

Look at your desktop… how many windows are active on your screen right now? How many tabs are open on your web browser? Is your phoneby your computer? Better yet, how many texts did you send today? …Tweets? Now compare that to how many minutes you’ve spent on the phone today (actually on the phone, not via voxer or whatever other social app we use to be anti-social). If you’re anything like me the # of texts you send versus anytime minutes used is a ‘No Contest.’…  We hear it everyday — from those who still refer to marijuana as ‘pot’, a.k.a our parents, or maybe those are just my parents??– that “Ohh your generation is so consumed with technology,” “Everything moves too fast.” While times change and I’m hip to this, for the most part I agree with them, however as with anything, there are pros and cons to every situation.

We’re all virtually accessible at all times of day, it seems like we’re getting things done @ lightning speed. Technology makes it possible to check the weather, news, & markets on the go & even keep constant contact with all of our “friends”. In actuality we interact with each other all day without really saying a damn thing. Instant communication is dope at first thought, but as the saying goes “anything worth having is worth waiting for.” At what point do we begin compromising quality for quantity– or for quickness should I say?

Let’s use a food metaphor for kicks… It’s common knowledge that homemade mac & cheese (yeah… mac & cheese, if you don’t love baked mac & cheese I’m O.J Simpson percent sure you’re a terrorist and I don’t want you on my blog anyway) is better baked and that instant s#*@ is for the birds. While microwavable easy mac will keep you from starving and can be cheffed up in a minute, it’s surely not the quality option when it comes to taste. Dishes with slow cooked, homegrown ingredients, are always the best.  To take it one step further, leftovers are even better(#DontDebateMeBro).

Now think about your ideas and relationships. Not saying you should literally be out here eating someone’s leftovers o_O, but when exploring your thoughts  or making new connections with people… let them marinate for a minute, cook them slowly, maybe even keep the recipe aSECRET (secret? yeah.. wow, imagine that what a concept) –

Take your time with certain things… it’ll prove to be worth it. Stop microwaving your thoughts…

–       Culture. Lifestyle. Progress

–       #TheCultureLP @Mike_2pt0

My City (or, Coming From Where I’m From)

…coming from where I’m from, I’m from…

My city isn’t like your city. It isn’t a booming metropolis, a cultural hub, or filled with a wealth of architectural wonders. It’s filled with crime, poverty, unemployment, and often times, harbors smells of desperation and despair. It’s located in one of the richest states in the country, but the disparity between those who have and have not is vast. In my city, many of my former classmates are felons, drug addicts, or unmotivated individuals with no drive or purpose. Even the lyrics Biggie Smalls spat don’t hold true for this community (cuz the streets is a short stop, either you sling a crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot), because the chances of anyone having a wicked jump shot are far and few between, and at most, hand to hand is as high as they would get on the corporate street ladder.


...cuz the streets is a short stop, you either sling a crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot...

Even amidst all of this negativity though, I, and others like me, managed to find a bright spot. We held on to two important elements that were hidden in the trenches, elements we had to search diligently for: hope and motivation. The majority of us city kids grew up with nothing – in the projects, section 8 housing, and shopping at C-Town with our paper food stamps. It is so easy to follow the lead of those before you, who never sought to aim higher. We could have easily been led into complacency  -because, if that’s all we know, then that’s all there is, right?


The PJs

But no. For some reason, the folk in my generation determined that there was a way to pull ourselves out of the abyss of apathy. We decided that education was the ticket to our release from the confines of the stoop, the allure of the street corner. Even through adversity – pregnant barely past our teens, lack of sufficient income, crabs in a barrel attempting to pull us down from every side, we still managed to succeed (still I rise!). My generation, my peers, consist of lawyers, doctors, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals. We saw adversity as a challenge, not a hindrance or a reason for us to give up. We’ve shattered the plexiglass ceiling of the place we called the ghetto, with our adjustable ladders of steel. Those ladders don’t have a limit to their extensions, and have allowed us to continuously build and progress.

Crabs in a Barrel

...crabs in a barrel theory, hear me creep, it's a mutha****** war in these streets...

It’s difficult sometimes, to drive back through my old ‘hood, and see the seemingly lack of progression. It can be frightening, to see the same listless eyes, even though they watch through different faces. That drive can make you feel hopeless, as if nothing has truly changed. Looking at those to the left and right of me though, I know that feeling could be farther from reality. I’ve seen hard work, I’ve seen the strive for change, and I’ve seen the success that can occur when the two are coupled together. My city isn’t like your city – we don’t have its sexiness, nor do we have its allure. Nonetheless, my pride in what we do have – people with the want, the drive, the need to rise- is relentless. So I’m glad my city isn’t like yours; if it were, it would have never created the experiences that gave birth to people like me.

Nike, Greek Goddess of War

...still I RISE!

“Cuffing Common Sense” By: @Mike_2pt0

To tide you all over until tomorrow’s post, I’ve included a link to one of my colleagues, @Mike_2pt0 ‘s awesome take on the art of “cuffing”.  Every one in the dating game should take note and implement, if you haven’t already. If you don’t know…now you know!!!!

“Cuffing Common Sense” By: @Mike_2pt0.

You Make a Good Salary, Just to Pay Sallie Mae

Ah, that wonderful, life-changing piece of paper. You know, the one that’s bestowed upon you after four (or eight) years of hell. You held down a job, partied a lot little, and still managed to graduate magna cum laude. It’s a big deal, because you’re the first in your family to not just go to college, but actually finish it.

You’d think this would be the proudest moment of your life, right? But no, instead of celebrating, you’re calculating. Calculating the number of hours you have to spend job searching, the number of interviews you need to go on before that six month deferment is up, and Uncle Sam starts asking for his cut. And if it’s an advanced degree, forget about it. All those loans that were in forbearance? Those “pay me”  letters will come the WEEK AFTER you complete that last class, faster than you can add that “MBA” to your name. It makes you wonder: after all of that hard work, what exactly do you have to show for?

College Degree
…this will keep me warm
 The average student loan debt in the U.S. is about $25,000. And that’s just the average. I know people with twice as much, even triple that amount, paying between $500 to $1,000 amount for their loans. Most entry-level jobs, even with a degree, don’t start at six figures, so graduates are virtually living in poverty.
I thought of people I know who didn’t go to college, and whether their debt situation was any better. For the most part, they have no college experience, so of course they didn’t have to take out loans. As a result, they have virtually little to no student loan debt, and most don’t even have credit cards. I know people who work at Dunkin Donuts and bring home about $35k a year, which isn’t much, but after you factor in the fact that they have NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT, sometimes their take home pay is more than that of their well-educated peers!
I realize that the long-term benefits obviously outweigh the negatives experienced early on in their careers, but with the current state of our economy, it definitely makes me question the positives. People who don’t have money can’t pay their bills, and fall deeper and deeper in the hole. It causes you to stop and question the value of that education. (Hey, if you’re listenin’, we got in school, but who gon’ pay our tuition man?…one year cost ’bout the same as Mercedes). Like, what was the purpose of that struggle?
I think my biggest fear is that it won’t get any better. The cost of education is rising rapidly, but the amount of available jobs isn’t. We’re already a nation of debt; what happens when no one can pay for it all?
Money money money money...mooooneeeyyy
Listen. I’m not telling you that your degree is worthless. College graduates, although they’re living at home, have an unemployment rate of a little over 4%. It can be even lower with for those who major in actual career fields, not just the four-year liberal arts degree (so choose your major wisely). At the end of the day, you may have acquired a hole in your pocket, but you can never trade the experiences you had (Greek, anyone?) and the people you met..even if it cost you $40k a year to meet them. And even if you don’t ever manage to pay off those loans, at least you know you’ll always have your degrees to keep you warm…right?

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Hood, But…

I’ll be the first to admit, I grew up pretty ‘hood. Never lived in the PJs, but I definitely wasn’t vacationing in the Hamptons either. Things like sugar-water, quarter waters, looseys, mattress trampolines, and food stamps were pretty standard phrases in my vocabulary. I always told myself that I would get out of the ‘hood the first chance I got, and I did, through hard work, perseverance, determination, all that good stuff. The thing is, even though you can escape the struggle, there will always be that part of you that holds parts of that struggle dear to your heart, and you can’t let it all go. I started thinking of the things I still do, and I realized that there are five key things that I experienced in my upbringing that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake.

1. I always save the plastic containers from my takeout.
I know, I know, I make enough money now to buy actual Tupperware products, but nothing beats getting something for free. It’s almost like I won a prize. You mean I only paid $5.99 for Thai, and I still got this free container?! And most “non-‘hood” people don’t really understand the value in these items. I brought in some soup I made for lunch at work, in one of those containers, and I spent the greater part of my lunch convincing people that I did make the soup, regardless of what I transported it in. The idea that I had the container just about boggled their minds. They still don’t believe me.

2. I still drive to my old neighborhood to pick up hard-to-find items from the corner bodega.
C’mon, where else are you going to find a bag of canapes for $1, 6 for $1 green plantain, sour puss candy, and Now and Laters? Not to mention those yummy sandwiches they make with just cheese and French bread. And in CT, the liquor store is closed on Sundays, but you can always count on the bodega to get you your six-pack fix.

3. I have to remind myself to turn down my music before I pull into my company’s campus.
Nothing gets me going in the morning like a hip-hop song with crazy bass. And in order to enjoy it, I have no choice but to turn it up as loud as I possibly can. I usually resort to my “Go Hard” playlist-a mix of my favs from ’96 to now. I mean, if you haven’t enjoyed the way Fab’s “Can’t Deny It” sounds in the whip, then you really just haven’t lived. I also have to remind myself to wipe the mean mug off my face that automatically occurs when I rap along with the songs. And trust and believe, I know Every.Single.Lyric. This always reminds me of when a few of us got our own cars and would parade around the neighborhood in them, bangin that new Jay-Z. Some things never change.

4. I secretly go ape-shit every time a new pair of Jays comes out.
I was a huge tomboy growing up, and a sneaker fanatic. This means my closet was full of boxes of Jays, ’95 Air Maxes, and white on whites (well, maybe not THAT full, since obviously, I couldn’t afford too many). I won’t buy any of them anymore, because I’d feel kind of silly, being a grown woman and all, rocking a pair of Jays, but the appeal is still there.

5. I just can’t let go of hip-hop music.
I love Adele and Ledisi as much as the next girl, but I just can’t let go of my hip-hop music. Growing up, we would joke around like, yeah, we’re gonna be hitting up MSG for Jay-z concerts when he’s like 40+, as if the sheer thought of it were outlandish. Well, guess what? He is, and we still are. Some days I try to abstain, telling myself, it’ll be a Mariah Carey day. But if I hit that shuffle button, and Cam’s “Violence” off that S.D.E. starts to play, all bets are off. Before you know it, it’s all hip-hop, all day. And at that point, there’s no reverting back.

Point is, you can try as hard as you can, but you’ll never be able to completely erase the experiences and habits that made you who you are today. And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to.

When inspired…create.

So, I’ve been addicted to Twitter for the past few days, trying to find some inspiration, some reason to create. I came across a great blog post today, by one Mr. @MIKE_2pt0. He referenced the absurdity of our infatuation with popular music, most notably hip-hop and its extravagant tales of fame, fortune, and fantasy. He called for a remix of these tales of grandeur…a series of Broke Bop lyrics, if you will. So, in impulsive fashion, I present to you not only my inaugural post, but my first shot at the “answer” to Mr. @MIKE_2pt0 ‘s call to action. I give you, “Aston Martin Music”…the Broke Mix.

I’m bobbin to the music, in my brand-new whip (all right)
Breezin down the freeway, just me and my baby (in my mind)
Just me and my thoughts, no collector calls
Listening to someone else’s music (music)

Couldn’t come back for you 
I ain’t have no ride, and no bus fare for two
You said you ain’t mind, I would’ve just stayed behind
You say that ain’t right, i hate when you whine (I’m better off frontin’)

When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the walls
Ps3 controller on the floor but who can I call
My baby moms, the one that live by the store
Put this gaming shit aside and bring her that money I owe 
A lot of quiet time, need to buy some new clothes
Marshalls sale items, put away this shit with the holes
Following fundamentals I’m following in the rental
Sweating bullets cuz this shit is due back at the venue
Can’t even afford the money to push this out of state
No seats in my bucket, a ninja gotta use crates
There’s no car seat for my baby, cuz there’s really no space
In my two-seater, guess we gonna walk today

I’m bobbin to the music, in my brand-new whip (all right)
Breezin down the freeway, just me and my baby (in my mind)
Just me and my thoughts, no collector calls
Listening to someone else’s music (music)

Couldn’t come back for you 
I ain’t have no ride, and no bus fare for two
You said you ain’t mind, I would’ve just stayed behind
You say that ain’t right, I hate when you whine (I’m better off frontin’)

Walked up on the block with a popeye’s chicken box
No more KFC, just chicken, biscuits on my watch
Livin sad where it’s all about the price tag
Always frontin, wear it, then I take it back
In my studio apartment is where she wanna be 
Least that’s what she told me, when I drove her here in my Caprice
Every time we bone I tell her I’m out here grindin, B
And everytime she listen, anxious for that better me
But damn, now she ain’t callin
Or my phone cut off again cuz I ain’t ballin
That Old E keep comin
4 quarter waters, pennies, 100  

I’m bobbin to the music, in my brand-new whip (all right)
Breezin down the freeway, just me and my baby (in my mind)
Just me and my thoughts, no collector calls
Listening to someone else’s music (music)

Couldn’t come back for you 
I ain’t have no ride, and no bus fare for two
You said you ain’t mind, I would’ve just stayed behind
You say that ain’t right, I hate when you whine (I’m better off frontin’)

I know the long version has some Drake ad-lib crap…but I think I’m good. I think he’s emo enough for all of us.

(As free promo, you can watch the “Aston Martin Music” video here.)

Multi-Racial Misfit

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