Don’t Bake a Sh***y Cake

I was listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast the other morning, and this one featured Pastor Wintley Phipps. This one in particular was about becoming the person you were created to be, and it was definitely a good listen. There was one quote that hit me hard though, one in which I realized was reflective of my current state and mindset: “Just because you turn the temperature up on the oven, it doesn’t mean that the cake is going to bake any faster”. Obviously, this quote is a direct reference to having patience. How often do we see the end result in our vision, and try our best to find shortcuts to get there immediately? Many of us hate the process, or maybe we like the hard work, but just hate waiting for the outcome. But much like the cake in the oven, those shortcuts and aggression will sometimes burn up what we’re trying to produce. We’ll still have a cake, but it may very well be a half-assed cake, a charred cake, or a cake that’s done on the outside but still gooey on the inside.

Burnt Cake

I’m still coming to grips with this season of patience that I’m in. I’m proud of myself for become more in tune with my spirit, since the fact that I even realize I’m in this space is definite growth for me. I tend to be aggressive, I want results NOW, and I hate waiting for anything. What better way for me to learn how patience works than to be forcibly slowed down? From my career, to my finances, to my relationships…everything is still intact, but moving at a snail’s pace of how I would like them to be moving. A couple of years ago, this slowdown would have made me anxious and frustrated, and intent on finding a way around it. I won’t lie – at times, I am still anxious and frustrated, but it is a lot rarer than it used to be. I’ve come to realize that the old adage, “Good things come to those who wait” actually has some merit to it.

Alarm Clock
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So what do we do when things aren’t moving as quickly as we want them to? We take it as an opportunity to live in the moment and actively plan, and once the plans are established, examine them to make sure they make sense and are feasible. In my last post, I talked about the importance of creating mini goals for yourself. When you are in a season of patience, this is sooo paramount. Those mini goals will allow you to feel that you are moving forward, no matter how slow it seems to be going. One of my favorite planners is the Passion Planner. It’s cool because it gives you space to brainstorm your goals (3 months, 1 year, lifetime), space to write down your monthly and weekly goals (and randomness), and a few questions for you to reflect on your previous month. They range from $30-35, and this is my second year using them. This isn’t a sales pitch by any means, but hey, when you find something that works for you, you want to share it with the world! And, if you can’t find it in your budget to purchase one, they have all of the content available for free download here.


As I continue in this season, and if you’re here too, I urge you to try and enjoy this time of slowdown and reflection. There will come a point when it’s back to gogogo, and you’ll be wishing for the lull that you’re experiencing now. Don’t bake a cake if it’s going to be a mediocre cake; you want to make sure you’re baking one that people will be talking about for a long time.

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