Game Night Shenanigans

I know I typically hit you all with the motivational and inspirational posts, but I wanted to switch it up just a little bit this week. I’ve been long overdue for this post, but a lot of dope things have been coming out of my hometown (and the surrounding areas which might as well be my hometown). In honor of all of the creative people that I know, who either still live there or not, I wanted to take some time every month or so to highlight their great endeavors. Hometown Hustlers, if you will. First up is one of my good friends, Harold V. Lee, who has created the ultimate hip-hop trivia game, Pull Your Card.

Pull Your Card

Now, we all love game night. It’s one of the number one places that friendships can grow closer, or, you can find out how evil and competitive your friends are (I’m directing that last part towards myself, as I engaged a game night a few Fridays ago, and things apparently got real serious real quick). They usually include good food (read: bad for you), some drinks, and lots of laughs. We had gotten a little tired of the old standbys, so I decided to introduce something new.

Hip Hop

It seems like a lot of Black culture based card games are popping up lately, so what makes Pull Your Card so different? Well, for one, it focuses specifically on hip hop trivia. And I don’t mean mumble rapper versus mumble rapper (although there are a couple of those in sprinkled in there to appease the youngins’). The majority of the questions cover the beginnings of hip-hop musical culture to now, with expansion packs and the like. Some questions include “On Warren G’s 1994 track, ‘Regulate’, where does Nate Dogg say they’re headed next?”, and “Which artist is featured on the N.E.R.D. track ‘Lemon’?”. I think I know hip-hop, but I had so much fun discovering things I hadn’t been aware of.

Pull Your Card Shirt

If you head over to the website, you can get 20% off your pack by entering the code MULTIRACIALMISFIT. There are also cool facts, playlists, and clothing wear with one of the dopest logos I’ve seen in a while. My biggest regret about this game? That I don’t have more friends that love hip-hop as much as I do to play with!

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