Life is For Living…

I wish I were one of those people who could get up early in the morning and feel like they can take on the world. You know who I mean. Those people who rise at five, do a little meditation and yoga, sip some coffee, ponder life and the like. The truth is, I’m not one of those people. One of my many faults lies in the fact that I am a dreamer by nature. I would rather sleep in, and hold on to my amazing dreams that give me the pleasure of escaping from the reality of the world. My fantasy seems to be so much better than my reality could ever be. But I suppose that’s the problem. All too often, we allow fear and complacency to make us believe that what we are today, what we have at this moment, is all that will ever be true for us. I’ve realized that it is in those moments that we have to push through and make the conscious decision to NOT give in to mediocrity, that we cannot allow our dreams to become wistful memories.

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What is it that you truly want out of life? What are your dreams made of? How will you make those dreams come to fruition? These are the sorts of questions I ask myself, when I find that I’ve spent too many minutes viewing the falsified lives of others on social media sites. Depictions of grandeur, of steak dinners and golden tickets, when the realism is more ramen noodle and shut off notices. I’ve been smart enough to remove television from my life; so much so that, I probably watch not more than an hour a week, if that. Yet somehow, I have a harder time blocking out the social media chatter. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a coveter by any means. And social media gives me great ideas about what I need to be doing. The one thing it doesn’t provide me with is the actual motivation to get up and do it. I get sucked in the 30 second video montages, and I find that I am unwittingly wasting my life, one view at a time.

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So how do I begin to become one of those people? The early riser, the go getter? At one point, I fit squarely in that category. I was unstoppable, ambitious, creative. And somehow, I’ve let the bullshit take over and turn my mind into the malleable clay that media and society is so desperate to capitalize on. I’ve realized that I need a break. A true break. I need to refocus on living, experiencing, being present. We spend so much time proving to everyone else that we’re living our lives that we forget to prove to ourselves how to actually do so, never realizing that we truly aren’t. What’s important to me right now though? Living in this moment, regaining my creativity and drive, loving myself and those around me, but in an intentional, not half-hearted way. Too many of us are alive, yet refuse to live. I have no desire to be a drone, a clone of everything that is wrong in our shallow world, a person who is incapable of formulating their own opinions and feelings without first checking in on the popular consensus. Today, I choose to wake up; what will be your wake up call?

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What Is Going On???

Ok, so, you woke up this morning, and what’s the first thing you did? Reached over and looked at your cell phone…probably checked Twitter and Facebook to see what everyone else is doing with their lives, right? Maybe got a little envious, because it seems like everyone else is doing great things without you. And then you showered (hopefully), got dressed, ate breakfast, and went to that job that you’re always complaining about. You know, not really contributing, just spewing useless negativity. And then you went home, went to bed, and it started all over again the next day.

I’m not throwing stones or judging, because it can get like that for all of us at some point. We stop trying to live our own lives, and instead settle for vicarious living via social media and crappy reality shows. When’s the last time you had a Joe Schmo moment about your life, and just asked, “What is going on???” No, like, honestly. What are you really doing with your life?

Joe Schmo

I’ve been reading a lot of books on leadership lately, so obviously, I’m kind of an expert (I mean, I didn’t get it from the internet, right?). The most valuable takeaway I’ve ascertained from all of these books is whether or not I’ve discovered what my mark on the world is/will be. We are so much more connected than we think we are, kind of like The Butterfly Effect.  Your words, your actions, your beliefs, they all have an impact on those around you, whether you realize it or not. The things you’re complaining about – like public policy, the demise of television, bullying, whatever – are you actually doing something about these things? Are you actively trying to be a positive force? In other words, are you a burden or a blessing?

The Butterfly Effect

I don’t know about you all, but I’m a little sick of being just an observer. I’ve determined that one of my gifts is helping others, and I’ve been trying to live out that life of service ever since. I encourage you, no, I challenge you to be more than just a burden. In Steve Farber’s book, The Radical Edge, he quotes Ronald Perricone of SKATE!, stating, “Act as though every action has a direct impact on the world…you should perform every deed as if it will either improve the world or damage it”. I’d kind of rather you pick the former and work on improving it. Think about the kind of world you’d want to live in; what can you do right now to make that happen? What blessings do you have to offer the world? Wars aren’t won in a day…start small and figure out your purpose.

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