I Ain’t One of the Cosbys, I Ain’t Go to Hillman

Thursday, April 30th, 1992. A sad, sad day...well, at least for me. From the moment I began watching television, Thursday nights at 8pm were reserved for one thing, and one thing only: a new episode of The Cosby Show. The show, I believe, played an integral part in raising me: it showed me that there... Continue Reading →

You Make a Good Salary, Just to Pay Sallie Mae

Ah, that wonderful, life-changing piece of paper. You know, the one that's bestowed upon you after four (or eight) years of hell. You held down a job, partied a lot little, and still managed to graduate magna cum laude. It's a big deal, because you're the first in your family to not just go to... Continue Reading →

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